Ladies Cultural Night is a special annual cultural event designed to bring together Muslim women with other women from the greater Halton community and surrounding areas.  Over five hundred Muslim women attend with the guests that they have invited from the local communities.  The event features guest speakers who present important information about Islam and the rich Arab traditions and heritage.  An annual theme is manifested through exhibitions, costumes, presentations, and a Middle Eastern buffet.

Those who contribute to make this event happen believe that by getting to know the community and by sharing their faith, rich heritage and beliefs with others are important steps that transfer the peaceful message of Islam and help to remove stereotypes and misconceptions present in our society today about Muslims.


The desire to share a heritage - the rich heritage of the Arabic Muslim peoples that has embraced almost 14 centuries of tumultuous history; A history that spans parts of three continents, and links societies of every, race, economic condition and political orientation. 

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Ladies Culture Night Event 2015 

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Ladies Culture Night Event 2013


Here is what some of our guests had to say about the Ladies Culture Night: 

* "Thank you so much for the lovely, entertaining Ladies Night yesterday.  I came from Whitby, Ontario and had a superb time.  Your hospitality was wonderful.  Yesterday was my first time to be invited and I would love to bring some friends next year.  Again,  thank you for the invitation and peaceful gathering.

 Be seekers of Truth and doers of Justice.

Mary Ward (1585-1645)"

* “You dispelled a lot of myths and broke down many, many barriers … Muslims are like everyone, they want to raise a family, raise good kids and do good in life, they are just like everyone else not what we hear on TV…

The format that you have come up with is a winner; this is the first time I have seen such dynamic dawah presented in a friendly, peaceful and beautiful way.”

Ladies Culture Night 2013 is a Halton Islamic Association event.  

The Halton Mosque was built in the early 90s and is the only one in the city of Burlington. 

Ladies Culture Night 2013 is a Muslim Association of Milton (MAM) event.  MAM is an independent, religious, non-profit organization that has serviced the Milton Muslim community since 2005 and continues to serve and expand with the Milton Muslim community.  The structure of MAM enables the organization to actively offer more services in the community in an efficient and organized manner.  

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